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Research Interests

Jade's research focuses on the visual iconography of the ‘Alice’ figure created in Lewis Carroll’s Alice books. Her doctoral thesis traced the creative progression of Alice’s characterisation through multimodal platforms, including film, illustration and fine art photography. She argued that these multimodal representations inaugurated a new sense of identity that merges with the overall idea of Alice. Through the theoretical lenses of Jean Baudrillard’s simulacrum, and Jacques Derrida’s hauntology, this thesis considered Alice as a kind of collective and ongoing iconotext: she is an amalgam of image and narrative character that transcends her literary origins. Hence, the ‘Alice’ figure maintains a polymorphic identity throughout her illustrative career. Effectively, she becomes an idea that echoes in the works of ‘Alice’ artists, decisively present and non-present all at once. Jade is now expanding her research in the form of a monograph to narrate the (re)imagining of the Alice figure through a hauntological lens.

Her current research project investigates how the female child's body is altered through physical and metaphysical space, thus initiating menstrual development. 

Her research interests include Alice studies, children's literature, visual culture, illustration and gender studies. 

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