About Jade

Dr Jade Dillon holds a PhD in children’s literature and visual culture. Her research focuses on the visual iconography of the ‘Alice’ figure created in Lewis Carroll’s Alice books and it traces the progression of Alice’s characterisation through multimodal platforms including illustration and fine art photography.

She has published her research with numerous academic journals and books, as well as general articles on children’s literature with RTE Brainstorm. Jade’s most recent publication features in The Palgrave Handbook of Children’s Film and Television (2019) with Palgrave Macmillan.


She is currently employed as a University Lecturer in English Literature at Mary Immaculate College, focusing specifically on Modern and Contemporary Drama and Literary Modernism. She is also supervising sixteen English Literature undergraduate dissertations this semester. The UGD topics she is supervising include 20th century children's literature, modern children's literature, young adult literature, Irish women's contemporary literature, comparative literature and drama, and gender studies. Jade is also working as an undergraduate dissertation supervisor within the Department of Early Childhood Care and Education at Mary Immaculate College. She is supervising students who are undertaking research in children’s literature, fairytales, gender ideology and representations of childhood. Prior to this, she was employed with the Department of Drama and Theatre Studies (MIC) where she taught the history of theatre and performance. From 2016-2019, Jade worked as an English tutor with the Department of English Language and Literature (MIC).

In July 2020, Jade was a staff member on the Children’s Literature Summer School programme at Trinity College Dublin. She was responsible for lecturing virtual seminar and asynchronous sessions on visual representations in children's literature to teachers, students, librarians, educationalists and children's literature enthusiasts.

Over the past three years, Jade has been invited to give a series of lectures on children’s literature to the Department of Education students at Mary Immaculate College. In these lectures she discussed the pedagogical approaches to gender representations in children’s literature, the impact of sexuality in children’s literature, and the remodelling of the fairy-tale mode. Jade was invited to Durham University by Professor Stephen Regan in 2018 to give a series of guest lectures on her research in the area of textual and theoretical deconstructions of children’s literature. Following from that success, she was invited by Dr Keith O’Sullivan to contribute to the MA in Children’s and Young Adult Literature at Dublin City University in December 2019. These lectures investigated the intertextual broadening of representations of girlhood by means of a cinematic conversation about literature and visual culture. 

In 2018, Jade was shortlisted for the ISSCL biennial award for an Outstanding Thesis on Children’s Literature. In 2019 and 2020 respectively, she was awarded a mentorship from the International Research Society of Children’s Literature with Professor Kenneth B. Kidd. She was also awarded a position at the Children’s Literature Summer School 2019 at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. This is a prestigious programme that develops the research skills of children’s literature scholars worldwide.

You can follow Jade's work on Twitter and LinkedIn